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Re: Bug#265352: grub: Debian splash images for Grub

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mcgrof@ruslug.rutgers.edu (Luis R. Rodriguez) writes:

>> You are free to distribute the images under the GPL.  The XCF image is
>> produced from the Debian "Open Use" logo, also provided here
>> http://people.debian.org/~rleigh/grub-images/
> Awesome splash image!
>> and I am happy for all my work to be distributed under the GPL.  The
>> only part I'm not sure about is the Sarge "stripes", which came from
>> DebianPlanet.  I'm waiting to hear back from them about that.  Feel
>> free to modify the images as you like--I know I'm not much of an artist!
> Heh, its great, thanks. So far what I've been doing for
> grub-splashimages package was to request authors to insert into the xpm
> file a GPL C Header since xpm files are ASCII-text and accept C99
> comments (I explain this now on the HOWTO you've read). Would it be
> technically legal for you to do that for your splash image?

I've now got the copyright and licensing details for the Sarge stripe
in the splash image.  The author has placed it in the public domain,
but requests acknowledgement as an author if possible: I've
acknowleged this in the Inkscape SVG metadata, but it should probably
be added to the XPM header also.  I've converted it to SVG vector
format with Inkscape to make it easier to edit and change.  The files
are here:

The main image: This is the "preferred form for modification":

640x480 PNG:

The splash image (the PNG reduced to 14 colours)
I've not added any copyright notice--it was automatically generated by
the GIMP.

These are all yours; feel free to alter them as you like, and licence
them under whatever DFSG-free licence you prefer.  GPL is fine.

So all the copyright and licensing issues are OK.  The exception is
the Debian logo.

[For debian-legal:] Did anything come of the discussions in mid-August
regarding the licensing/trademark issues regarding the logo?  Are we
OK to use it?  Thanks!


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Roger Leigh

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