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[Q] copyright on binary packages

NOTE: The packages I am talking about are not debianised (yet) and
contain non-free code.  If that disqualifies me from asking that's
too bad but this is as good a place to ask as I could find.

I've been "pestered" by the people who pay for the development of
several of our packages to add a blurb claiming copyright on the
*binary* packages we build and distribute.  Binary packages built
and distributed by others are not to be covered by this copyright

Now this strikes my as pretty off-the-wall and impractical, but I
am wondering whether anyone knows of "prior art" in this area.  If
you can come up with good reasons NOT to include such a copyright
notice, by all means let me know because I would be much happier
without yet another licence/copyright wart on our packages.

# I've got to convince proprietary software licence/copyright law
# veterans that have not the foggiest idea about FLOSS, it seems.

Thanks in advance,
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