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Patents again


There is a usenet discussion thread pertaining software patents, and
several questions are still hanging open. I kindly ask that you read the 
thread and share your views. The original thread is in 
comp.os.linux.advocacy and starts with the message:

Subject:    Patents again
Message-ID: <Kdudnbyf_6Fxhf3cRVn-qg@giganews.com>
Newsgroup:  comp.os.linux.advocacy
From:       Kari Laine
Date:       Sun, 03 Oct 2004 19:53:04 +0300

or, you can reach it from Google via,


A particularly interesting question for me among others is, what is the
status of a patented code introduced into a GPL program by the patent
owners themselves? Do they automatically give up their relevant patent
litigation rights against *all* GPL software base? If not, then what if
some company at this very point is busy inserting a lot of patented code
into Linux?

Other questions are,

- Should we abstain from getting into patent craze in denial of the
concept? Or should we abuse the game by overplaying it, thus rendering 
it non-applicable, thus cancelling the game?

- Howto create a self-funding open source patent organization? Other 
means of self-funding "open patents"?

- How to get patents cheap?

- How about a GPP (General Public Patent) legal document which makes the
patent the valid currency, just like GPL makes the source code the valid

- Whether IBM, RedHat etc. allies getting "defensive" patents is a 
relief or a threat?

Etc. etc.

I would much appreciate it if you do not reply this post directly 
without reading the original thread, but visit c.o.l.advocacy and 
reply, if you wish so, from there. I recognize that this might be 
probably too much to ask, but I believe the situation (particularly the 
question of patent owners sneaking their patented code into GPL 
software base) is probably serious enough to warrant reading the whole 
thread (total 22 messages currently).

Thank you.

P.S. Also mailed to gnu.org & fsfeurope.org
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