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Re: JRockit in non-free, part II

But wouldn't that be covered by paragraph 2.1?

2.1 Distribution License.  BEA grants Distributor a non-exclusive,
 non-transferable license to (i) Reproduce and bundle or otherwise
 include the Software together with the Value Added Solution, and
 (ii) sublicense and distribute the Software, either directly or
 indirectly through multiple tiers of distributors, for use by End
 Users who agree to be bound by an End User Agreement.

Shouldn't the mirrorers be covered by the phrase "indirectly through multiple tiers of distributors"?


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O Mércores, 6 de Outubro de 2004 ás 04:24:31 -0700, Johan Walles escribía:

Also, since I'm really unsure about what the requirements actually
are to
get into non-free, is the EULA forbidding re-distribution a
I guessed that as long as Debian was allowed to redistribute,
end-users to re-distribute was more of a nuisance to the end-users
than a
show-stopper for JRockit going into non-free.

It is, since it's not "Debian" who is doing the redistribution, but the
ftpmasters of the mirror sites who choose to carry non-free.

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