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Re: Open Software License v2.1

* Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> [040915 17:12]:
> (Your choice whether that describes you or an item you omitted.  If
> you want to make a serious attempt to apply DFSG #5 or #6 to patent
> termination, I'm listening, but please craft your argument so that it
> does not classify the GPL as non-free because it discriminates against
> people who want to sell binary-only versions of free software.)

If a software discriminates against people wanting to sell or even
only those selling free software as binary-only, it is also non-free.
(As this is quite equivalent to discrimation against people selling
 propietary code, as BSD licensed is also free)

GPL does not do so, it only states things like you have to give (or offer)
source with the binary of this program under GPL.

An elementary point of Free Software is to protect the rights of the
users, not excluding "bad" ones. (Or will GPL3 have a section
termination the licence if you breach any FSF copyright?)

  Bernhard R. Link

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