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Re: Open Software License v2.1

Andrew Suffield writes:

> This is a very different scenario, where you could perform certain
> actions until you accepted the license. Your freedom has been reduced
> in a fundamental manner by this license. A copyleft license in no
> manner reduces your freedom; after accepting the license, you can do
> everything that you could do before you accepted the license (and you
> can also do some things that you couldn't).

"This is not true, and it does not approximate anything that is true."
-- Andrew Suffield

If you distribute a program under the GPL, you lose most or all of
your ground to claim damages in court on the basis that the program
infringes your patent or copy rights.  (GPL sections 5, 6, et al.)

This is the same situation as for OSLv2.1's patent lawsuit clause.

Michael Poole

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