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Re: Free Art License

Josh Triplett wrote:

>> 7. Sub-licensing
>> Sub-licenses are not authorized by the present license. Any person who
>> wishes to make use of the rights that it confers will be directly bound
>> to the author of the original work.
> This is the oddity referred to above.  First of all, based on the
> language in clause 2.2, "originals (original and subsequent)", it is
> possible that each new modified version is considered both a modified
> version of its predecessors (subsequent to their licenses), and an
> original work of its own (with a license from the modifier).  If so, and
> if this clause is simply stating that modified versions are subject to
> the original author's license, that's fine.

I believe this is exactly what it is saying.  If you know someone who knows
legal French, they can check.  I see no point in going into further detail
when reading a translation.

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