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Re: Problem with licence of Portaudio

On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 01:45:25AM +0200, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> I have included the license last in this message, and it's also available 
> online at http://www.portaudio.com/license.html with "plain English 
> interpretation". It's not completely clear if the clause is a requirement 
> or not. My question is, can PortAudio go into the main distribution?

And the answer is: yes, you have accurately described the question you
need to ask. Go ask upstream; we lack telepaths at present. Then get
them to adjust their license to make it damn clear.

> Actually PortAudio is already distributed in Debian, both in source and 
> binary form, since it's part of Audacity. But the copyright file in 
> Audacity doesn't contain the PortAudio license which it should.

Independent bug, somebody needs to chase this up.

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