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Re: GPL "or any greater version" (was: NEW ocaml licence proposal)

Raul Miller <moth@debian.org>:

> > What rights from the GPL are being restricted by using a specific
> > version of it?
> The right to use other versions of the GPL.

Have you considered the consequences of your weird legal theory?

Presumably the Linux kernel would be undistributable because it
contains both "GPL 2" and "GPL >=2" code.

Also, the main reason for the "or any later version" stuff would
disappear. The purpose of this is to allow the FSF to correct bugs in
the GPL. If projects licensed under "GPL >=2" had to be licensed under
"GPL >=2" forever then it would not be possible to upgrade them to GPL
3 by licensing new code under "GPL >=3".

Fortunately your interpretation of the GPL is not the standard one and
seems rather difficult to justify.

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