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Re: [Spi-trademark] Re: Bug#265352: grub: Debian splash images for Grub

On 18-8-2004 08:22, "Luis R. Rodriguez" <mcgrof@ruslug.rutgers.edu> wrote:

>> Please arrange for your project to officially change the license. The
>> project leader can do it by fiat (it is a simple thing, after all) or
>> you can do it through your resolution process. Tell us when you are done.
> Anyone know who it is we are really supposed to be addressing this
> request to then? Debian-legal, any more advice?


The "resolution process" is described in the Debian constitution (appendix A
I belief), and involves getting a vote out:

I'm not sure which project Bruce refers to when he talks about the "project
leader" here. I assume the "Debian project". Apparently. SPI will change the
licence if the Debian project tells them to.


PS: I stripped most people from the cc. Feel free to strip more or add them

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