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Re: Netatalk and OpenSSL licencing

On 09-08-2004 13:49, "Matthew Garrett" <mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk>

> GnuTLS has a openssl compatibility module.


Personally I fear the upstream maintainers are not willing to change their
code for just this. After all, they already link with the technically
excellent OpenSSL library, which is indeed open source.

I take it that it is not possible to put a source-only (no-binary)
distribution) in the main section of Debian?

Freek Dijkstra

[Who is trying very hard to refrain myself from make *very* saracastic
remarks about lawyers who make incompatible "open source" licences,
forcing people to write two functionally completely equal software
libraries. What was it again about "open source" and "duplicating efforts"
again? One more think, and I'll be back to good old proprietory software...]

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