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Re: RPSL and DFSG-compliance

I would really like someone to map one of the cited problems with the
RPSL to a stated requirement in the DFSG.  We might be willing to engage
in a conversation about changing the RPSL, but not in an environment
where it is clearly subject to the whims of whoever happens to be
discussing the issues on the list.

I would love to work with the Debian project on making sure RPSL is
Debian-free.  However, it makes it really difficult to engage the
RealNetworks Legal department when there's a lot of discussion about
personal tastes, but no mapping back to DFSG clauses.  That just makes
everyone here believe that there will be an endless stream of
manufactured excuses as to why future versions of the RPSL will also not
be considered Debian-free.


On Mon, 2004-07-26 at 11:31, Brian Thomas Sniffen wrote:
> Thomas Maurer <tma@hispeed.ch> writes:
> > Well, thanks to all repliers, unfortunately the useful answer to my
> > question has missed. You're replies don't really help me, so if someone
> > finds the time to give me a short answer what I should do, then I would
> > be happy. Otherwise I rely on the statements of Rob Lanphier and put the
> > helix stuff into main.
> It's non-free, but appears distributable -- though more on that
> later.  It claims to restrict use of the software, which is non-Free.
> It restricts how lawsuits can happen between those bound by the
> license, which is also non-Free.  And it requires that "externally
> deployed" code be distributed -- so if I use it to set up some big
> televisions showing data provided through this system, I have to
> provide all my modifications despite the fact that nobody but me gets
> to see the network -- just lots of people looking at the TVs.  That
> isn't *clearly* non-free.  There are people here who will argue that
> it is OK.  But there are a lot of people here who think that is non-free,
> and have moderately compelling arguments.
> Fortunately, from a rhetorical point of view, there are enough other
> problems with this license that it is clearly non-free.
> -Brian
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