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CeCILL license : Free Software License for french research


The CEA[1], the CNRS[2] and the INRIA[3] have released a GPL-compatible
free software license. It seems to me that it is an very important move
: the CNRS and the INRIA are the two research institutes doing research
in computing. I know INRIA has distributed ocaml, mldonkey(!), and
scilab, and many other less known pieces of software. Some of the
licenses they used in the past, like scilab's, raised concern already.

IANAL, but the license[4] look quite ok for me, even if the part about
GPL compatibility seems a bit unclear.

I was unable to find an english version of the license, unfortunately.
However, an english version is mentionned in the license itself.

I mentionned the license on the (french-speaking) mailing list of the
FSFE-France[5]. My message hasn't hit the archives yet.

[1] http://www.cea.fr
[2] http://www.cnrs.fr
[3] http://www.inria.fr
[4] http://www.inria.fr/valorisation/logiciels/Licence.CeCILL-V1.pdf
[5] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/fsfe-france/2004-07/index.html
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