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xinetd license possibly violates DFSG #4

On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 10:24:44AM -0700, Josh Triplett wrote:
> Side note: while researching this further, I discovered that the xinetd
> license requires keeping the original version number and only appending
> new numbers:
> > 1. The version number will be modified as follows:
> >       a. The first 3 components of the version number
> >          (i.e <number>.<number>.<number>) will remain unchanged.
> >       b. A new component will be appended to the version number to
> >          indicate the modification level. The form of this component
> >          is up to the author of the modifications.
>   While DFSG4 does allow licenses that "require derived works to carry a
> different name or version number from the original software", this seems
> to go much further than that, since it requires keeping the original
> version number.  There is a note in the license file giving the current
> upstream maintainer an exception, but that does not change the
> requirement for other distributors.

I agree; this goes too far even for DFSG #4.

xinetd maintainer(s), can you contact upstream and see if this license
term can be modified?  DFSG #4 permits the license holder to insist that
any human-readable self-identification that the Work does be altered to
denote its modified status, but specifying the exact form of the change
asks a little too much.

I propose the following term instead:

1. Modified forms of the work must carry a clear and unambiguous notice
   that they are modified in versioning information intended for human
   interpretation.  For example, the first 3 components of the version
   information (i.e., <number>.<number>.<number>) may remain unchanged,
   while a new component is appended to indicate a modification level.
   Entitling the modified form with a clearly distinct name, or a
   prominent notice that the work was modified, also satisfies this
   requirement.  Machine-interpreted versioning or interface information
   is not bound by this requirement.

Would you like a bug report opened against the xinetd package about

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