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Licening ibwebadmin and JSRS


I am replying to a message from some time ago. This is the original thread:

>On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 10:09:52AM +0200, Remco Seesink wrote:
>> Copyright:
>> This JSRS stuff was written by me.  I find it useful.  Others find it useful. 
>> You are welcome to use it, modify it to suit your needs, distribute it as you 
>> see fit.  I'm happy if you use it for personal stuff or for commercial gain.
>> The only thing you can't do is to restrict anyone else from using it however 
>> they see fit.  You may not copyright it yourself or change the rules I have 
>                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> set on how it can be used.
>With this exception of the one part I marked, this license appears
>DFSG-free and GPL-compatible.
>With that part, it is neither. It appears to deny me the right to
>assert copyright in any derived works I may create. I think this is a
>regular bug in the wording of the license, caused by letting a
>non-lawyer write a license, and should be easily corrected.
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The author of JSRS preferred to keep his license and the author of ibwebadmin
agreed to a linking exception. My mistake was that I forgot the above mentioned
issue about not being DFSG-free. I tried contacting him after twice now for a
while, but got no response anymore.

The GPL incompatible part is solved by the linking exception. I read the DFSG
three times and I can't find the part which states that derived work must go to
the creator of that work.

Should this be the reason the software can't go into debian? Is there a way
around it? Is this the only way to interpret it? What about the rest of the text?


P.S. I am not on the list. CC welcome.

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