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Re: Free Linux Kernel

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.jareeN. wrote:

> Sorry if this is a really silly/of_topic question.
It's not.

> I am a LFS user and I want to use free Linux kernel for my GNU/Linux
> system, by free I mean which is free from binaries and non-free code.
> Does such a kernel exists ?
> I mean some kind of patch.

At the moment, such a kernel does not, to my knowledge, exist.  :-P
Debian is supposed to be distributing one, but it's (still) full of non-free

I had been working on cleansing it, but have gotten depressed by the hostile
response from some of the Debian kernel maintainers and the dead silence
from upstream.  If you would like to help, please email me.  :-)

Note that the non-free junk is almost exclusively in drivers for
peripherals.  The 'core kernel' is fine.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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