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scummvm dependent games: non-free?


[Please Cc: me on replies, I'm not subscribed to this list -- OTOH I'll
 watch the archive for answers anyway]

 I wonder why the games "Beneath a Steel Sky" and "Flight of the Amazon
Queen" are in main. To me the license is quite clearly non-free, because
its for non-commercial use only:

  3) You may not charge a fee for the game itself. This includes
 reselling the game as an individual item.

 Doesn't this violate point 1 of the DFSG? Don't get me wrong, I would
be the last who wouldn't be happy to see these games in main, but from
my understanding they must be moved to non-free. I wonder if I have an
interpration problem and the ftp-masters have a different opinion on
that, or if they just have missed it.

 At least the splash screen of "Flight of the Amazon Queen" when you
start it is misleading at large, too:

  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, adoption, rental, public
  performance, broadcast or other exploitation of this product is
  strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of applicable laws
  which may give rise to both civil liability and criminal penalties.
(hand typed and thus typos might be in it)

 This doesn't align with the copyright file at all. If people agree I
can file two release critical bugreports against the games, how
unfortunate that might be.

 So long,
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