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Re: How long is it acceptable to leave *undistributable* files in the kernel package?

Michael Poole wrote:
> Brian Thomas Sniffen writes:
>>mdpoole@troilus.org writes:
>>>It is not his interpretation of copyright law, but his interpretation
>>>of the license, that is incorrect.
>>It's a unilateral license.  It can't mean anything but what he intends
>>it to mean.
> Reference, please?  That is Alice in Wonderland logic ("Words mean
> exactly what I want them to mean, neither more nor less.").  I hope
> that a license means what is written.

The University of Washington interpreted "copy, modify, and distribute"
to mean "copy, modify, or distribute".  Debian respected that

>>>Telling him that may not be nice, but nobody suggested the right way
>>>to deal with SCO was being nice to them, either.  If someone insists
>>>that his copyright is being infringed, we should stop distributing
>>>*his* code.  It is not fair to other parties that his complaints
>>>should cause the removal of their code.

Those other parties are distributing non-free software (also known as
firmware), so their interests are not Debian's interests.

- Josh Triplett

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