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Re: Draft Summary: MPL is not DFSG free

Lex Spoon said on Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 05:43:31PM -0400,:

 > A license text is simply a proposed contract,

Right and wrong.

A  document   allowing  your  neighbout   over  your  property   is  a
contract.  The law  relating  to immoveable  property (real  property)
calls it a license. Its validity is governed by law of contracts.

A document  allowing your neighbout to  use a work  copyrighted you is
also a license. This license is governed by _copyright_ law.
 > and  a license  is what  you  obtain after  you agree  to follow  a
 > license text.

Under law of contract, yes. Under copyright law, a license can be a
unilateral grant. WHich is what GPL does.  

 > Heck, you can mail RMS your signed agreement

Yes.  Your ISP/department of posts / courier will be richer.  No other

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