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Re: Mozilla Public License is non-free: stipulates court venue ?

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Jim Marhaus wrote:
>>As discussed recently, choice of venue clauses may be non-free, because
>>they require parties to travel unreasonable distances to avoid summary
>>decisions against them. Does this clause make the MPL non-free?
> I believe so.  Doesn't Debian use Mozilla under the GPL/LGPL license option
> though?  (In other words, is anyone using the MPL in a way that matters to
> Debian?)

Yes.  I know of at least BrickOS (an alternative operating system for
Lego Mindstorms kits), Firebird (a database, which uses a modified MPL),
and several Mozilla extensions and locales.  There are many licenses
derived from the MPL with only the name changed, so it is difficult to
search for them.

- Josh Triplett

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