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Re: license change for POSIX manpages

On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 04:32:11PM -0700, Andre Lehovich wrote:
> The latest version (1.67, 20 May 2004) now allows
> modification, "so long as any conflicts with the standard
> are clearly marked as such in the text".

This seems to be reasonable. It's also right up against the line - a
stronger requirement would be a problem. I'm not really comfortable
with it, and would be happier if it said something like:

"If modifications are made which conflict with the standard, then
either these modifications must be clearly marked, or references to
the standard must be removed, such that the resulting work does not
misrepresent the standard."

That means I can take the documentation, update it to reflect a later
specification, and simply remove all references to POSIX, rather than
haul a huge list of changes around.

The acid test is that when IEEE dies, I should be able to use their
documentation to construct a successor to POSIX.

> I've attached the full text of the new license.  The other
> sentence that caught my eye is "This notice shall appear on
> any product containing this material".  Is putting it in
> /usr/share/doc sufficient?

Yes. I'm undecided on whether that requirement is DFSG-free.

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