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gens License Check - Non-free

I'm pretty sure the following is at the very least non-free, but I wanted to run it by here first because I don't want to waste any more time trying to package this unless it can at least go in non-free. I already had to close the ITP[1] once I discovered that some of the code was lacking a license. Once I was able to track it down, I rebuilt the package, but I'm not reopening the ITP until I'm sure it's actually sure this is even packagable. I suspect it is, but no harm in being sure...

Attached is a verbatim copy of the debian/copyright file I put together for the package. Most of the code is GPL, but the code from a couple of directories falls under other licenses. (I ended up copying the README and COPYING from the mpg123 source package, once I found out that was where some of the code originally came from.)

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/253095
This package was debianized by Benjamin Cutler <cutlerbc@simla.colostate.edu> on
Sun,  6 Jun 2004 20:22:43 -0700.

It was downloaded from <http://sourceforge.net/projects/gens/>

Upstream Authors: 	Stephane Dallongeville (Win32 Version) (stef_d@users.sourceforge.net)
			Stephane Akhoun (SDL Version) (yabdeo@users.sourceforge.net)

See <http://gens.consolemul.com/> for more info.

Main code licensed under the GPL.

On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General
Public License can be found in `/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL'.


src/gens/mp3_dec/* license:


Copyright (c) 1995-99 by Michael Hipp, all rights reserved.
Parts of the software are contributed by other people, please
refer to the README file for details!

This software may be distributed freely, provided that it is
distributed in its entirety, without modifications, and with
the original copyright notice and license included. You may
distribute your own seperate patches together with this software
package or a modified package if you always include a pointer 
where to get the original unmodified package. In this case
you must inform the author about the modfied package.
The software may not be sold for profit or as "hidden" part of 
another software, but it may be included with collections 
of other free software, such as CD-ROM images of FTP servers and 
similar, provided that this software is not a significant part 
of that collection. 
Precompiled binaries of this software may be distributed in the
same way, provided that this copyright notice and license is
included without modification.

This software may be used freely, provided that the original
author is always credited.  If you intend to use this software
as a significant part of business (for-profit) activities, you
have to contact the author first.  Also, any usage that is not
covered by this license requires the explicit permission of
the author.

This software is provided as-is.  The author can not be held
liable for any damage that might arise from the use of this
software.  Use it at your own risk.


src/starscream/* license:


"Starscream" refers to the following files:
*  any object file or executable compiled from the above
*  any source code generated from STAR.C, or object file assembled from such

Starscream may be distributed freely in unmodified form, as long as this
documentation is included.

No money, goods, or services may be charged or solicited for Starscream, or
any emulator or other program which includes Starscream, in whole or in part.
Using Starscream in a shareware or commercial application is forbidden.
Contact Neill Corlett (corlett@elwha.nrrc.ncsu.edu) if you'd like to license
Starscream for commercial use.

Any program which uses Starscream must include the following credit text, in
its documentation or in the program itself:

"Starscream 680x0 emulation library by Neill Corlett


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