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Re: ipw2100 firmware distributable?

Raul Miller wrote:
On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 06:47:01PM +0100, Marco Franzen wrote:

Right: If something needs special permission, it is non-free and can at most go into non-free. But since non-free is not part of debian (the distribution), special permission only for distributing it *in* debian would be useless in any case. (But that is likely not what was meant.)

Something can be in debian archives which are not a part of a debian
distribution.  For example, the bts, mailing list archives (including
debian-private which isn't publically accessible), and so on.


But it would depend on what the special permission "to distribute [it] in debian" were later construed to have meant. It does sound very much like "to put [it] in the debian distribution". I thought this might be a potential lawyer bomb that could be avoided easily by wording the request for permission slightly differently.

Nobody would be likely to sue for this reason, but someone looking for a reason to sue (tentacles of evil etc) might just be happy to find one.


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