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[lx@se.linux.org: Re: right of publicity, or why no-advertising clauses are not necessary]

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From: "Alexander Nordström, Svenska Linuxföreningen" <lx@se.linux.org>
To: branden@debian.org
Subject: Re: right of publicity, or why no-advertising clauses are not necessary
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 17:05:07 +0800
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Hello Branden,

I'm replying off-list as I expect you may wish to collate this type of 
information in summary form in the interest of keeping the list from 
cluttering, and because I am not subscribed to the list. (I got word of your 
investigation into the matter through the debian-news list.) I hope that's 

To answer part A of your request, then, in this case specifically regarding 
Swedish legislation, the short answer is yes, the clause in question is 

Translated and summarized from Lag (1978:800) om namn och bild i reklam (Law 
regarding name and picture in advertising)[1]:

[1] http://rixlex.riksdagen.se/htbin/thw/1993/94:K209?

A person's name, picture, or other identifying information must not be used 
without consent by a tradesman or their representative for purposes of 
advertising a good or service. Violations are punishable by fine and give 
right to claim. Damages need not be financial. Other remedies including 
publication of the court order and destruction of advertising material may 
apply. Negligence and acting as an accessory carry similar consequences. 
Criminal prosecution must be preceded by a complaint from a member of the 

The Swedish legal system is based on the Scandinavic system, which is not 
related to English Common Law or Civil (Napoleonic) Law; the other Nordic 
countries (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands) are 
likely to have similar laws. This law is applicable in all of Sweden; local 
governments do not have shared jurisdiction on the matter.

Disclaimer: This is all to the best of my understanding and knowledge. I am 
not a lawyer.

Hope that helps and good luck with your work on the issue.

Alex Nordstrom

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