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Re: ipw2100 firmware distributable?

Sebastian Ley wrote:
Hello legal wizards,

I need some advice about a license, my legal-english is not enough to
determine whether the ipw2100 (popular wifi chipset) firmware by Intel
is distributable in non-free.

The license can be found here:

My problems are:
- Are we as Debian project a OEM or ISV?
- Since Intel requires an acceptance of this EULA, would I need to
  gather that acceptance too?
- If it is not redistributable, may I add a downloading feature to the

Someone actually packaged the firmware as RPM, which was approved by
the lead developer:

Please CC me on replies, as I am not subscribed.

Thanks in advance,

It sounds pretty sketchy at best. I'd e-mail somebody at Intel and get specific permission, similar to what the packager for nvidia-graphics-drivers did:


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