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Re: Bug#251209: hwb: Upstream does not own the rights to the material

Quoting Josh Triplett <josh.trip@verizon.net>:

> That is correct, and that scenario is common in many
> almost-but-not-quite-free software projects.  For example, the main
> PovRay team would like to change the license to a Free Software license,
> but so many contributors are unavailable now that replacing their code
> would be a complete rewrite, so the process is taking a long time.
> However, if the main Hardware Book Team and the contributors they can
> reach hold a significant portion of the copyrights, it would be worth
> relicensing those portions of hwb under a Free Software license.  If
> enough of the material was relicensed, Debian could provide separate
> packages for hwb and hwb-non-free, and the missing material could be
> replaced over time.

In the absence of any objections to my interpretation of hwb's license, I am
closing this bug.  If anyone objects to this feel free to reopen it :)

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