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Warranty disclaimers and yelling

(This isn't totally germane for d-legal because I don't yet intend to
package anything under such a license, but I might one day, and I
suspect that someone here might know the answer.)

Is there any reason that warranty disclaimers ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THIS in
copyright licenses? I can't find any legal precedent for requiring them
to be like this, but the only one I remember seeing in a proper case is
Peter Norvig's license[0] where clauses 1 and 2 take the place of the
boilerplate disclaimer.

(Alternately, are warranty disclaimers even necessary? I'm under the
impression they are at least in the US, because of the implied
warranties that are disclaimed by most licenses.)

[0] http://www.norvig.com/license.html
Joe Wreschnig <wres0003@umn.edu>

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