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Licening issues ibwebadmin


I am packaging a web based database administration tool.
The program itself is licensed as GPL version 2.

If my question is already answered somewhere else I apologize, since I
couldn't find a definitive answer, or are not competent enough in law :)

It uses some javascript from a different author and this is the license:

No Nonsense Copyright and License for JSRS JavaScript Remote Scripting


This JSRS stuff was written by me.  I find it useful.  Others find it useful. 
You are welcome to use it, modify it to suit your needs, distribute it as you 
see fit.  I'm happy if you use it for personal stuff or for commercial gain.

The only thing you can't do is to restrict anyone else from using it however 
they see fit.  You may not copyright it yourself or change the rules I have 
set on how it can be used.

JSRS Javascript Remote Scripting Copyright (C) 2001 by Brent Ashley


You can use this however you like.  I make no guarantees whatsoever that it 
will suit your purpose.  You take full responsibility for getting it working 
properly and for any implications of its failure or inability to satisfy your 
every need.


email inquiries: jsrs@megahuge.com

It looks to me that the "No Nonsense" license itself is DFSG free.

>From this:
It seems to me that the GPL applies to the JSRS software too. And the "No Nonsense"
requirements for no further restrictions would be incompatible with that.

Am I correct in this ? Would a linking exception from the author of ibwebadmin as
decribed here:
provide a solution?

An alternative solution would be contacting the JSRS to see if he is willing to
relicense it. Am I missing options?

I am not on the list, cc appreciated but I will check the archive.

Remco Seesink.

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