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Re: Should ipw2100-source be in contrib?

Guido Trotter wrote:
> The code for ipw2100 is free software. To load the driver you'll need a
> firmware which is non-free and subject to an EULA (for details see
> http://ipw2100.sourceforge.net/firmware.php?fid=2). Debian cannot thus 
> distribute this thing (the firmware), neither in main nor in non-free.
> Now the point is: the source code itself doesn't need the firmware to 
> be built, but the resulting modules are completely useless without it.
> So should this package go in contrib, or is it allowed to stay in main?

If the modules without the firmware are usable for any hardware (such as
a version of the hardware that has the firmware permanently stored in
it), the modules can stay in main, since at least some users can use it
without installing non-free software.  If the modules cannot operate any
piece of hardware without the non-free firmware, the modules must go in

- Josh Triplett

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