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Re: Bug#248782: abuse-sfx: violation of license terms

Does it make any difference that the company is question has been dissolved and they basically dropped everything into the public domain?

From http://www.loonygames.com/content/1.10/guest/

Around July, Crack first missed payroll. August came and we moved out of the office. September offered no new news, so we decided to call it quits. Rather than letting all that hard work sit around and rot, we released it to the public domain. After doing the same with Abuse and getting a tremendous response, we had to. Some people have said "Aren't you worried someone else could pick it up, finish the game and sell it". The answer is no. I don't mind if someone makes a profit off this work, which is a definite possibility. I think the engine can be used to make many different games, and I hope someone does just that. The soundtrack could be sold to a record, game, or movie company for 100k or more, and the textures have a fair value as well. But with debt that Crack dot Com accrued, even these sales would not have helped. We would much rather see other people learn from our work and our mistakes.

It sounds like perhaps the maintainer of the package should email Jonathan Clark and get a clarification?

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