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Re: The draft Position statement on the GFDL

Scripsit Raul Miller <moth@debian.org>

> > I do not see any connection at all between that and "restrictions on
> > the rights of other users of derivates".

> People without proper palladium licenses would not have the rights
> required by the gpl.

Why not?

> > > We do not promise this.

> > Yes, we do. That's the fundamental role of the Debian Free Software
> > Guidelines. If you do not understand this, we have no common basis for
> > communicating.

> Quote the relevant text, please.

I did. Here you quote my quote:

> > Read the Social Contract: "Debian will remain 100% free".  That is a
> > promise, and the contents of that promise includes what I wrote.

> I disagree.  100% free means that we aren't going to be distributing
> free software which depends on non-free software.

100% free first and foremost means that the software we distribute
will itself be free.

> 100% free does not mean that we will require that all of our free
> software be convertable into non-free software.

No, and I have not said or implied so.

> > Aha. However, if somebody manages to modify gcc such that it can
> > nevertheless be used in that environment, then it is perfectly legal
> > to distribute the modified gcc under the same terms as gcc itself.

> Not if this means that making copies of the derived work is forbidden
> by the gpl.

Making copies of the derived work is *not* forbidden by the GPL.

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                    Generelt kan der ikke peges på databehandlingsopgaver af
                  en sådan størrelsesorden og af en karaktér, som berettiger
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