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Re: reiser4 non-free?

[reiserfs-list removed from Cc:]

6.05.2004 pisze (głupio) Hans Reiser (reiser@namesys.com):

> I just modified the Reiser4 license to be the following:

> The Anti-Plagiarism License

[rant, irrelevant here, cut]

> The License: The Anti-plagiarism license is the Gnu Public License
> Version 2 with the following modification: you may not modify,
> remove, or obscure any credits in the software unless your
> modification causes those credits to remain equally prominent and to
> retain their wording. You are not required to display the credits if
> the computer has no effective display mechanism, or if you do not
> distribute the software to others.

So, just in this very moment you made Reiser4 undistributable with
Linux kernel by making it GPL incompatible. What an achievement!


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