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Re: European Directive on Copyright Law (91/EC/250) wrt open source

Arnoud Engelfriet said on Tue, May 04, 2004 at 04:00:57PM +0200,:

 > No, people would be forced to license their work under GPL or
 > develop alternative standard libraries.

I do  not see anything such a  view in the English  version.  All thsi
document says is,

`you can reverse engineer so as to achieve interoperability'. 

Even if you use a non-free  license, you will still have to go through
the  pain of  re-writing  a  (software) library.  You  cannot use  the
existing work as such, AFAI can see. 

In case of a free/copyleft work, you do not have to `reverse engineer'
the program, as commonly understood. You will still have to write code
which does the same functions if you want to keep it non-free.

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