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Re: Fwd: reiser4 non-free?

>>>>> "David" == David Masover <ninja@slaphack.com> writes:


David> Basically, by having "free" and "non-free", you lump everything
David> together into "free" as in absolutely, strictly, lilly-white,
David> no-strings-attached freedom, while "non-free" covers everything
David> from reiser (free, as above, with the restriction that there must
David> be attribution) to microsoft (you pay a huge license fee and
David> basically sign away your soul).

Actually, things Microsoft would most likely not even get into
non-free.  Things in non-free must still be freely distributable, which
most Microsoft things are not.

So there is "free", "non-free", and "not-even-packaged-because-we-can't-

Also, non-free is technically not a part of Debian -- it is only
maintained as a convenience to users.  Putting something in non-free
basically means, "we can't put this into Debian proper because it
conflicts with our Social Contract, but we recognize that users may
still want to use it."

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