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Re: Fwd: reiser4 non-free?

MJ Ray wrote:

On 2004-04-30 17:26:50 +0100 Michael Milverton <camel78@iprimus.com.au> wrote:

I read this as meaning the following. Nobody is allowed to take the product that we produce and rename it into something else, thereby making it look as though it really belongs to someone else.

You just ignored the bit where he forbids supression of the "credits" banner?

I am flexible on the phrasing of this, and can allow some phrasing such as credits must be kept equally prominent and extensive.

Although you might be able to argue for some form of this, it is clearly more restrictive than what is written in the GPL.

and it is these people who are going against the spirit of the GPL. What is the point of having the code copyrighted to Hans Reiser in the source code when all the end user gets to see is that this software is called company X.

It's a problem of degrees. Reasonable attribution is fine, but if every command run in boot scrips output a screen of credits, just the scrolling display would add considerably to the time and go past too quick for anyone to read anything, for example. What is the point of having the program attributed to Hans Reiser when all the end user gets to see is a blur, or becomes used to skipping these messages?

I think people need to be more sensitive to the feelings of people that put such a huge amount of heart and soul into their software and not be so quick in dismissing their concerns. [...]

I agree with this. I think the same consideration should be given to the debian developers. This whole feud seems to have started because a debian package maintainer responded to a bug report

Said maintainer added a bug in the process of removing credits, and thus we found out the credits were removed. Your phrasing was not a good description

from a debian user and then they were accused of plagiarism in a confrontational response. Not really a sinister plot to steal Hans Reiser's work.

But others out there ARE willing to do so, look at RedHat and KDE.... or consider various startups I know of that are more than a bit slimy about things like squid.

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