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Re: reiser4 non-free?

Walter Landry wrote: 

> The largest problem is that with the
> "clarification", you seem to have
> changed the license, making it slightly more
> restrictive than the
> plain old GPL.  The combination of Reiser4 and the
> kernel triggers GPL
> Section 2.  That means that Debian will not be able
> to distribute
> Reiser4 at all.

ReiserFS is heading down the same road as XFree86.

You won't get any recognition, Hans, if nobody is
using ReiserFS.

> If you changed the clarification to a request, then
> Debian would have
> no problems distributing it, even with the blurb.

There is still hope.  Please do not make ReiserFS a
curious footnote in the history of Linux.  It is far
too brilliant.

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