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Re: Font source Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

Stephen Frost writes:
> Of course it could. Writing an assembler would probably take some 
> serious effort too without knowing that information. To some extent 
> that's my point- are we going to require hardware specifications for 
> anything that uses firmware? Personally I don't think we need to, or 
> should. If we don't have the hardware specifications though, there's 
> really not much use to having the assembly for the firmware that runs on 
> that hardware. 

Sure there is. Having the binary and the assembly would reveal enough 
information to to write an assembler; it would reveal roughly what the 
opcodes did and how to program for it. It would be a lot easier to make
changes to the firmware once that information had been revealed. It 
could provide a good start on a full reverse engineering of the hardware.
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