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Re: The QPL licence

@ 27/04/2004 10:05 : wrote Arnoud Engelfriet :

I have no idea whether a US court would like to apply this
clause, but if the author goes to court, he is likely to get
the court to use Dutch law, using this clause.
I don't believe this for a moment. Not in the US, and most certainly not in Brasil. Here, the only law that can be used in court is Brazilian law. As the "unlawful fact" (copying/distributing software in discordance with the license) ocurred in Brasil, any damages and criminal penalties must be pursued in a Brazilian court, under Brazilian law. International choice of venue is a NOP under Brazilian law. But... the (rightful IMHO) opinion here in -legal seems to be that "if something is a NOP in a license but the fact of it being a NOP goes obviously against the will of the copyright owner, then this renders the license non-DFSG-free."


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