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Re: DRAFT d-l summary of the OSL v2.0

>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org> writes:

    Jeremy> The bigger issue, though, is that I didn't provide a DFSG
    Jeremy> section for the first problem.  The closest the DFSG comes
    Jeremy> to prohibiting use restrictions is #6 ("No Discrimination
    Jeremy> Against Fields of Endeavor"), but I'm uncomfortable using
    Jeremy> that for this issue -- is "deploying software without
    Jeremy> providing source" a field of endeavor)?.  If "a specific
    Jeremy> field of endeavor" is intended that broadly, it should be
    Jeremy> reworded, IMHO.

I tend to agree with you that the DFSG is lacking in this area and
that revisions would be desirable.

I have not found the contortions to which debian-legal has gone in the
past in this area all that compelling.  I'm willing to accept the
field of endeavor contortion because it seems important to guarantee
this freedom to our users and because I don't think we have anything

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