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Re: Re: Squeak in Debian?


Lex Spoon wrote:
> The export clause just means Squeak must go into non-free.

No. Rather non-US. With non-free, we have the same export problem. And
if there's another problem that forces us to put Squeak to non-free, the
result would have to be non-US/non-free.

> In sum, I think Squeak should go into non-free once the restricted 
> fonts are removed from the image.  We must choose what level of 
> paranoia we will have about licenses, and I believe we have been too 
> paranoid about Squeak's indemnification clause.

I don't think that the indemnification clause is a problem at all
(otherwise I would have written it in my original report). In the case
described by the clause 5, we could refer Apple (or whoever) to the
clauses 3 and 4 (about disclaimer of warranty and limited liability).

Unfortunately, nobody commented my concern about clause 6 (regarding
discrimination against persons or groups).


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