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Re: DRAFT d-l summary of the OSL v2.0

* Humberto Massa (humberto.massa@almg.gov.br) [040422 22:25]:
> @ 22/04/2004 16:31 : wrote Jeremy Hankins :
> >Here's the draft summary of the OSL2.0 I promised.  Comments
> >requested.  Specifically:
> >
> >Regarding the patent clause: Sam Hartman, you & Anders Torger (the
> >upstream licensor) were the only two I saw while going back over the
> >thread that felt it wasn't a problem.  Is my characterization of that
> >issue fair?
> >
> >The bigger issue, though, is that I didn't provide a DFSG section for
> >the first problem.  The closest the DFSG comes to prohibiting use
> >restrictions is #6 ("No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor"), but
> >I'm uncomfortable using that for this issue -- is "deploying software
> >without providing source" a field of endeavor)?.  If "a specific field
> >of endeavor" is intended that broadly, it should be reworded, IMHO.
> > 

> "deploying software without providing source" is a field of endeavour, 
> and we can't discriminate against it, or else no Debian user can produce 
> proprietary software.

Of course we can discriminate - like the GPL does.

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