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SEPL (Swiss Ephemeris Public License)

(not only am INAL, I also have no experience developing debian packages, and this may grow into my first one)

I am looking at packaging the Swiss Ephemeris:
It's available under two licenses: one (free) for "Open Source" use, the other ($) for "commercial" use. Here is the free license

My confusion: there is an opening note (before the license text itself)

:   If you do not meet the requirements in the SEPL, for example if
: - you develop and distribute software which is sold for a fee higher than a reasonable copy charge

However, I haven't found grounds for this note in the license's terms. The closest I can find is in 6.a., in reference to software that links to the Swiss Ephemeris:

: You must ensure that all recipients of machine-executable forms of these items are also able to receive and use the complete machine-readable source code to the items without any charge beyond the costs of data transfer.

...which does not seem to disallow setting high prices on the machine-executable forms.

So: is this 'main' material or not?


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