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Re: GPL and scripting languages (here: python2.3-psycopg)

Il mer, 2004-04-07 alle 01:19, W. Borgert ha scritto:
> Ciao,
> my understanding of the GPL is, that one can use GPLed
> scripting language modules, such as python2.3-psycopg, in a
> non-GPL, proprietory application, right?  (As long as I give
> away the module itself and any changes I might have done
> under the GPL, of course.)  Or do I have to use
> python2.3-pgsql (BSD licensed) for that totally non-free
> stuff?

i've read the FSF writings about GPL and interpreters multiple times and
still i don't understand the exact meaning (or even what they would like
to enforce). _my_ interpretation is that as long as you don't directly
link with psycopg and only use the python api you're safe. you can write
and distribute a proprietary python program as long as python and any C
module calling psycopg are GPL compatible. you can even have proprietary
C module in python as long as they don't call psycopg code (by "linking"
i mean linking, not just coexisting in the same address space :)

waiting to be enlightened by the debian-lagal people,

Federico Di Gregorio                         http://people.initd.org/fog
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  Having paid our respects to the dead (Taligent), nearly dead
   (Objective-C) and legendary (Symbolics), let's start digging
   into the features that make Python a great language for mix-in
   programming.                                      -- Chuck Esterbrook

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