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Re: mplayer

Branden Robinson writes:
> I don't know that there is any *active* litigation regarding the
> original DeCSS implementation, and it wouldn't be relevant anyway since,
> as I understand it, that code has long since been tossed and replaced
> with better algorithms.

Just to clarify this: MPlayer does not contain DeCSS.  It comes with
libdvdcss[1] (but it has been removed in the package Andrea is
proposing for inclusion).  Unlike DeCSS it is not based on ripped
keys, it cracks the crypto at runtime.  libdvdcss has never had legal
problems, the litigation was always about DeCSS.  libdvdcss is not
currently in Debian, though.

I searched around a bit and noticed that libdvdcss has been discussed
before.  While there was some controversy, it seemed to me that there
was nothing keeping libdvdcss from being packaged[2].

What is the current status of this.  Is there a reason for excluding
it or has it simply not been packaged so far?


[1] http://developers.videolan.org/libdvdcss/
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2000/debian-devel-200012/msg00746.html

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