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Re: CCPL-by

On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:

>> Now, the French contributor can sneak something past debian-legal by
>> writing a license text that appears to grant permissions that the
>> contributor has no power to grant.  Is that what you want?

>Are you sure the location of the contributor is relevant?

>With copyright the nationality of the author and where the work was
>produced are normally irrelevant, as I understand it, so if one
>American sues another American for an alleged infringement that took
>place in France, then French law applies.

>Moral rights might be different, of course. Perhaps according to
>French law only French authors have moral rights. :-)


	The problem is that many US copyrighed works do not
have [legally recognized] authors at all. Author != copyright holder
and  firms and corporations cannot have moral rights          
according the most of European copyright laws.

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