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I have uploaded mplayer_1.0.cvs20030324-1 to incoming
(this package has small differences wrt the package 
that I announced on Saturday)
and I have put it into http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mplayer/sarge


* following the discussion started by Diego Biurrun <diego@biurrun.de>
    in debian-devel, I have prepared a new packaging of 'mplayer'
    (with code that comes from CVS)

* the upstream tar.bz cannot be distributed by Debian, since it contains
     CSS code; so I am repackaging it 

* I have tried my best to address all known issues:

   - the package contains the detailed Copyright made by Diego Biurrun 
     that documents the origin and copyright of all code 

   - the package does not contain CSS code: I have delete it; 
     'mplayer' links to  libdvdread3 (that is in Debian).

      AFAIK  the package does not contain  code on which 
      there is active patent enforcement.

    - there is a script  debian/cvs-changelog.sh  that shows all changes
      done to files included in this source.
      This should comply with GPLv2 sec 2.a  (in spirit if not in letter)
      For this reason, the source code contains CVS directories.
      And I hope it may satisfy Don Armstrong's concern about GPLv2 sec 2.a

so, do we include mplayer in Debian ?    :-) 


Andrea Mennucc
 "one houndred and fifty - the chicken sings"

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