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Re: Debian-installer, older hardware, boot loaders, miboot & amiboot & ..

Rick Thomas wrote:
> I got as far as the point where the d-i tries to install a 
> bootloader. It died there because there is no boot loader for the 
> oldworld subarchitecture.

It's good to know that it got that far.

> Declare that all OldWorld machines must have a minimal MacOS 
> partition with BootX as their "boot loader".  That is, If you want 
> to use debian-sarge on an OldWorld Mac, it presupposes that you 
> first have MacOS and BootX installed on that machine.
> Do not provide BootX on the CD, just a note in the README document 
> that says you need it and how to download it from, say, "non-free" 
> or "contrib".

This seems eminently reasonable. I'll note that there exists x86
hardware with some of the same issues: you can currently only install
Debian on it if some other non-free OS is installed first.

> Now the part of debian-installer that died on me last night has an 
> easy fix:  Simply do not install any boot loader at all for that 
> subarchitecture.

I'm suprised this didn't already work; we have an option that is
supposed to kick in if no other bootloader installer is available. It
should have shown up on the menu as "Continue without boot loader", or
been automatically run.

see shy jo

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