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Re: Debian-installer, older hardware, boot loaders, miboot & amiboot & ..

On Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 04:33:29AM -0500, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Maybe we could get the boot-sector code declared "OK to use" by Apple?

Yeah, altough to go in main, it needs to be modifiable also. That said,
i have some doubts about the value of a modification of such a boot
sector, especially since its modificability will make it non-working
probably. Also, i believe there is some kind of lower bound on what can
be copyrightable, lower bound which doesn't seem to include header files
describing an API for example, or so the FSF guy in Oslo told me back
then (don't remember the name of him, sorry).

> It would be a "hack the system" kind of thing, but I suppose 
> technically they wouldn't have to release the copyright on the 
> source code for the boot sector, just the derived sequence of 
> binary bits.


> Indeed, Apple may have already done so.  I believe they allow free 
> download of the MacOS 7.x floppy images.

Yeah. Do we have access of such floppy images ? And if so can you
compare this boot sector on those with the ones used by miboot ? a diff
-u of the hexdump of them should do at first.


Sven Luther

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