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Re: Fonts-HQ.com

Adam Kessel wrote:

Has anyone ever heard of this site?


There doesn't appear to be any copyright/license information on the site.
It's possible to download over 200 TrueType fonts right from there.  They
are trying to get you to pay to avoid a five-second (JavaScript) delay in
downloading fonts.
I can't imagine that these fonts are really free in any sense of the
word, but I wonder if anyone else has any insight into this.

Quite a few of the fonts have metadata embedded in them that should give an idea as to the license of the font. The 'copyright' and 'embeddability' fields should give some indication as to who created the font, and how they permit redistribution.

An 'Installable embedding allowed' font, with a clear statement of copyright may well be Free, but there is, of course, nothing to stop an unscrupulous site editing the metadata. I'd trust metadata about as far as I'd trust a README.TXT that came with a font from a dodgy website.

A random sampling of the fonts available suggests that they are all free beer fonts that have been spidered off the web, freeware CDs, etc. I could well be wrong; I didn't look at that many, and the site may well be trying to pull a fast one.

Lewis Jardine

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