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Re: The GPL license document "COPYING" is not DFSG-free

MJ Ray <mjr@dsl.pipex.com> said:
> Please read the archive. You are making a mistake that I once made, if it helps you 
> to find the answer, Mr I'm-too-important-to-use-a-real-email-address.

I despaired searching for it because the phrases "GPL" and "COPYING" are far too 
generic.  I'll keep looking.

What's the gist of it?  (a) no, (b) yes but we don't care, (c) under debate, (d) 
different people have different opinions, (e) nonsense question.

I don't need a "why" answer.

And it's funny, funny, funny.  What makes you think that is not a real email address?  
(It's not a real name but it's a real email address).

Careful, alice, you'll lose your head.

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